Snowy Sunday in Beaverton

Snowy weather during the first weekend of the year. It seldom snow in Beaverton and when it does it only last a day or less. At least that’s how it’s been since I moved here.

Snowy Sunday

When it snowed a few weeks ago, our surroundings looked really very pretty. Houses, cars, roads were covered with ice. And everything seemed like so peaceful and pure. I love snow but I don’t like the cold weather. 😀


And even if I don’t like the cold weather, that didn’t stop me from going out for a short walk. I decided to capture these moments for all of you.

Just outside our apartment

When I went outside our apartment, these was the view that greeted my eyes. Our dull and very boring parking lot transformed to a nice pure white themed parking spaces. ❤ Lovely!






And in the park

People were hanging out on the bridge, enjoying the beauty of the snow. They were probably my neighbors. 🙂


Here’s also the playground, the kids were probably not enticed to go out that weekend.




Plus here’s me enjoying my short walk to and from the grocery store. 🙂



Hope you enjoyed my little snowy tour!


On the other news, please subscribe and thumbs up the first vlog of my best friend’s beautiful and talented daughter. She’s sharing her Shopkins Collection. Thank you in advance!  😉


Happy Weekend!!!


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