Trvltog [8.0]: Things To Do, When in Vegas

Hello awesome readers!!! How have you been lately? Did you enjoy the post from my guest last month? I hope you did! If you have not read it yet, go here. 😉

Here’s another travel tips for all of you. If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen photos of our recent trip to Las Vegas.

Las VegasThings To Do, When in Vegas!

These were the things the husband and I did in the Gambling Capital of the World. We were there for 6 days and 5 nights! So much days to be in Vegas!

  • Wander By Foot. The Las Vegas Strip is approximately 4.2 miles in length according to Wikipedia but it didn’t feel like it. Haha! I think it’s way longer than 4.2 miles. LOL! I guess, it depends from where you end up walking. Anyway, we stayed at New York – New York Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, one of the known hotels on the strip. The hotel was close to MGM, Monte Carlo and Excalibur, which was very convenient. If you don’t plan to drive in Vegas I would suggest stay in any of the the hotels on the strip. You can walk to most of the tourist-ish locations. Traffic was terrible so I was glad we decided to visit the place by plane. And don’t forget to wander around during the day to see the beauty of the city at daylight, and of course at night to see the beautiful and stunning night lights of the city. It’s amazingly gorgeous!

Vegas Day



Vegas Night

Yes, this was how busy Vegas was when we were there!


  • Dine & Drink. There are tons of places to dine at the Strips, you can find all sorts of food. For us, we tried the eat all you can Korean BBQ at Ginseng Korean BBQ, their food were great and very tasty. America in New York – New York was our daily breakfast place, we didn’t want to go outside the hotel for an early morning breakfast, so not our thing! Haha! And this restaurant serves decent breakfast and coffee than Il Fornaio. 🙂 Chin-Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar was another restaurant that we adored. We enjoyed their food, like a lot! 😀 The photo below was taken during our first night and first dinner at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, a Mexican restaurant. These were the only food photos that I was able to take, I took more photos of the hotels and outside view. 🙂 The husband also got his favorite cannoli from Carlos Bakery at The Venetian Hotel. And of course, Starbucks was everywhere, we had coffee everyday, probably 2-3 times. #coffeelovers 😉




  • Rides. I’m not very fund of rides especially those rides that makes my head spin or my tummy turn but the husband loves it. There’s a roller coaster ride in our hotel. There’s also a few rides all the way to Stratosphere so we had one day where we walked from our hotel to Stratosphere for an adventure. And while the husband was enjoying his time, I was either playing or taking more photos.
Las Vegas
Roller Coaster Ride @ New York – New York. Photo from across the street.
View from the observatory deck!
  • Take Photos. Make sure to bring a decent camera, you’ll never regret it. For me, camera is one of the most important things I need when I travel. I love taking photos and I recently got a mirrorless camera myself for travel, blogging and of course wonderful memories with the loving husband. I will share more photos of the Vegas Strip on a separate post to not overwhelm this page. Lol!
Gonzales y Gonzales
Gondola Ride
Paris from afar.
  • Gamble. Everywhere you go has slot machines, every hotels have their own casinos. If you stay very long in Vegas like we did, you will be tempted to always play. All I can say is enjoy your time and don’t spend too much money. 😀
This was late at night but I was winning so I stayed a little longer. Lol! 🙂


Maybe on our next visit we will try the Fremont Experience. Hope this post helps you in any way! 😉

See you on my next post!


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