Trvltog [8.1]: The Lims in Vegas

Who would have thought I’ll get to see The Lims in Vegas? 😀

The Lims

Hello lovely readers!!! You might be wondering who I’m talking about. Jimmy Lim and his family are in the US for a vacation and luckily they were in Vegas when we were too. I was so happy to see them. Lol! I subconsciously am missing the Philippines, especially my family and friends. 🙂 I think that’s probably one of the reasons why I was excited to see a “kababayan” (fellow citizen). Plus, speaking my native language in my new home country was kind of nice. 😉

The Lims
The Lims is a very good friend of mine and the husband. We used to work together in our old job, surprisingly, all 4 of us are no longer with the company. 🙂

The unexpected meet up! We were planning to meet for dinner but we bumped into each other just an hour before our agreed meet up time. LOL! A simple photo op and a short hi and hello happened. Then we head back to our hotel to some kind of freshen up, the husband and I just came from Stratosphere by foot in the photo above. We were tired. Haha!

Dinner time at Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas

The beautiful sisters Gail and Vivien, I wasn’t sure what they were doing. Maybe checking in? Or maybe saw funny posts, comments on Facebook. 😀 “Right, Gail?”




The husband and Jimmy Lim, guys talk and their beers! LOL.


The husband and I, thanks to my friend, Gail for the nice shot. We seldom get nice photo together. Hehe.


And another photo of the sisters just outside Hard Rock! The night ended so fast!



And hopefully when they get to visit the US again, they will come here in Oregon.


Ever plan to visit Vegas, go here for some travel tips! 🙂


Have a good night!!!


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