Trvltog [9.0]: Day Trip – Elowah Falls

Two weekends ago where we had a great weather like today!

Elowah Falls

A short trek to Elowah Falls was a great idea from the husband. Since we wanted to see other than the view near the house, we decided to go somewhere away from where we live. Haha! 😀

Elowah Falls Trail is one of the shortest trails here in Oregon, about less than a mile. It wasn’t that difficult but I was slightly struggling because of some steep-y areas. I even remember telling my husband, “I am so out of shape, so much stopping and resting.”

It was also a great day to take nature photos with my Fujifilm X-T10, such a great mirrorless camera. It’s very portable and captures stunning colors. I’m not going to say much, I’ll have the photos speak for itself. 🙂

Welcome to Elowah Falls

The husband and his silly pose.
water, rocks and green leaves #lovenature
Elowah Falls
Just like one of those romantic movie scenes filmed in Europe. 🙂 
gigantic rock
beauty of nature
big rocks and calm water
lovely ferns
That small bridge makes the place looks so romantic. 🙂
The trail and the trees
Water from the falls.

I love how green Oregon is, so I guess I got to start loving the rain. Hehe. Our selfie photos, using my camera phone, are next.

Elowah Falls
Time for some resting, we got tired. Haha!
The handsome husband and the stunning background.
Me on the bridge. #guenbtlovesnature

After our trek that day, we went to 3 other places. I’ll share them on my next post, promise! I’m getting sloppy with my postings lately. I promise to post more often in the coming months. #crossingfingers


How about you, where do you plan to go in the next coming weeks and months? Spring and summer are always the perfect time for travel.


Travel Tip: Make sure to bring a bottle of water, there’s no store that’s nearby. Also wear a good pair of shoes. 😉 




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