Trvltog [9.1]: Rooster Park – Vista House – Joe’s Crab

This is part two of our Elowah Falls weekend, go here for part one.

Joe's Crab

I love weekend getaways with the husband. I just do, it’s something that I look forward to when the weather is nice. No jackets needed, not too warm. I love Spring!

These happened after Elowah Falls:

Rooster Park

The sun was out and we sat on that bench watching the river and other people sailing. It was a beautiful day.

The Columbia River
Park Parking Lot, the husband was removing half of his pants as it was getting warmer.


Vista House

Located on top of a hill, if you look at the last photo above from Rooster Park point of view, the Vista House is at the very top right. 😉

Vista House
We parked near to this somewhat welcome sign.
I had a struggle walking as it was very windy. The wind was pushing me to a different direction and there were cars passing by everywhere. It literally scared the hell out of me. I was in panic mode. I didn’t even get the chance to capture decent photos. I was bummed, the view was great but the wind was too strong, I couldn’t even keep my hands and feet still.
View on our right
View on our left.

Joe’s Crab

Joe’s Crab is in Washington, the wait time was approximately 45 mins. to get a table. Yes, it was pretty long but it was worth it. Their crabs were so good and delicious. Just writing this post makes me want to go there and have some more.

I ordered their Queen Crab Bucket with Garlic Butter Sauce! Yum!
After dinner shot! Tired and full!
Joe's Crab
Me and my gigantic queen crab. 😀 #sillyphoto

Hope you’ve enjoyed our mini weekend getaway! 😉



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