Trvltog [10.0]: On Our Way To Boise

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!

To Boise

If you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you must have seen glimpse of our road trip last week. Some photos on Instagram and check-ins on Twitter. 😉

This road trip was not planned in any way. We didn’t know exactly where to go, where to stop and didn’t even book any hotels for our sleepovers. All we know was we’ll drive around Oregon for a week and maybe make a quick stop to a new state so I can cross one state off of my list. 🙂

We never thought about going to Boise. We were supposed to sleep in Ontario, OR on our first night and cross the bridge in the morning to have a quick breakfast in Idaho near the border. But there was nothing much to do in Ontario so we decided to go all the way to Boise. 😀

Our drive from the house to Boise, Idaho.

We drove down The Columbia River Gorge, stopped by Bonneville Lock & Dam and ended up in Boise.

Bonneville Lock & Dam

Bonneville Lock & Dam
panorama shot
View from the viewing deck
The parking lot
Part of the park where they planted flowers.
And roses were one of them. #beautifulbloom


The other end of the viewing deck, the rear view.
The viewing deck and then the husband and I below!
I was so busy taking photos and I didn’t know the husband was taking a photo of my back. Lol.
The husband then called my attention so half of my body turned which made my legs looked weird. :p
The husband after taking photos of me.
My handsome and loving husband.
Candid shot! #model #photography

The Columbia River Gorge

These are the photos I took while the husband was driving by the Columbia River. 🙂






That ends the first part of our road trip. City tour in Boise is up next! See you then! 😉


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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