Batou ‘n Goku

Update: 01.12.15:

I left the Philippines last Christmas 2014. And I had to find Goku a new place to live in. This was so heartbreaking, I needed the time. Until now, I still miss both of them and sometimes cry at night.

Goku is already in his new home. I don’t have recent photos of him but I am sure he is enjoying his new family. Here’s our last day together: (click me)

Much ❤ ,




Update: 09.03.14:

This has been the hardest post ever. I seldom update or upload anything about myself and my stepbrother in our little tiny space in the world wide web, is always Batou or Guen. I guess I am more like Bt, who does post but not as often. Anyway…

I lost my older stepbrother yesterday. I was quiet and I didn’t know what to say. I’m very fortunate to have spent my first year on earth with him. He had always been very patient and understanding. I miss him already. This is not the most beautiful photo of us together but every moment counts for me.

More of Batou and I in here. – Goku

Batou and Goku
I love you brother! I miss you everyday but I know we will see each other again in our next life. Thank you for the wonderful times together. -Goku


Update: 10.16.13

GuenBt decided to merge back our blog, so doesn’t exist anymore. We will be sharing blog here at

You can see posts of Goku and I in here: 

– Batou


Update: 09.27.2013

Hello All! GuenBt adopted Goku just yesterday. I will be sharing this blog to my stepbrother. This is exciting as we will be in this together. If you want to know more of him, visit his page. Just click GOKU above. 🙂

And by the way, changing web address of OUR blog from to

Have a good day!



Hello! Hello! 


I’m Goku, I was born last Aug 2013. GuenBT adopted me and I moved in to our little home just last Thursday. I’m so excited to be here, my stepbrother is so nice and behave. Looking forward to our everyday of —- love, sharing and misunderstandings.

See you later! :p


Update: 07.04.2013

Finally met BT in person. Our meet and greet photo.

Camera 360


Hi! My name is Batou. I’m GuenBt’s “spoiled” best friend. I lived in with them when I was four months old. I haven’t met Bt in person yet, but I will in a few months. Yay! I’m excited and so as Guen. They think I am so cute but I have gone bigger and taller. I guess I still am. 🙂 As some of you know, Guen and Bt has their own blog, I was even featured. With that, I realize I want to have my own since I am always up for a photo every time Guen says “Photo Batou”. You will see my cute smile moments and my not so cute smile moments. Ha! As where my name came from, to cut the story short, I was named after an anime character. Thus, my blog is called realbatou.

By the way, for social networks– I am sharing facebook, instagram and twitter account with GuenBt. I don’t think I can manage all of them for now. This is my only cozy room in the worldwide web, so visit me often. 🙂

-Batou (Feb 2013)


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