I-485, Adjust Status | I-765, Employment Authorization | I-131, Travel Doc

AOS.EAD.AP. These are the three packets needed to be mailed to USCIS after getting married. My husband and I prepared the 3 packets for a week, this is after we got our marriage license. Yes, one week. 😉

Prepared it. There’s a lot of documents so be thorough as you can. Submit what’s required. Read the instructions carefully.

AOS, EAD, AP Forms and instruction links:

For checklist and sample cover letter, you can visit Mrs Presson’s website. 

Mailed our packet to USCIS via UPS. They got it Feb 27th, I got my NOA1 last March 10th, then I got my NOA2 with my biometric schedule. Arrived in the mail 3 days after NOA1.

Mar 27th was when I finished my biometrics. I went to Portland ASC before I left for Seattle.

Tip:  We traveled to Seattle by train, so my husband purchased my ticket in my maiden name because I only have my passport as my valid ID. When we were at the train station, they didn’t check the status of my visa or even my passport. It could be different when your flying but so far, that’s my experience in traveling within the US. By now, you probably know you can’t travel outside the US.


Update – 05.11.2015

Got an update from USCIS, EAD and AP application has been approved. My card is in production, I guess my long vacation is coming to an end. Hehe.




Update ~ 05.19.2015

Got my EAD card. Job hunting starts now.


No update on AOS yet. I’ll keep you posted!

Complete visa timeline here.


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