Getting Married in Portland

Both of us wanted a simple wedding, we wanted it to be intimate, just us. And celebration with family and friends here and in PH will be at a later time. We still haven’t scheduled that though. Don’t fret, I’ll update you once that happens. 🙂



Marriage License. Obtained our marriage license from Washington County, Oregon. What’s needed to obtain one is found in their website. We got ours 2 weeks before our wedding date. But you can get it as late as 3 days before your wedding day. This applies to Oregon state, not sure if it is the same in other states.

Chapel/Minister. We reserved an afternoon wedding at WYW Chapel, Portland. And the ceremony was administered by a minister.

Rings/Dress. We got a plain white gold wedding rings, no design. That’s how we like it. Though our wedding was simple, I still wanted to wear a nice gown. I got my wedding dress from The husband wore his fancy suit too.

Bouquet/Cake. My bouquet was assembled by yours truly. And we ordered a small cake from a local bakery.

Photographer. Darby of True-Essence Photos.


The best day ever.

Morning. Breakfast at IHOP. Pancakes, egg, bacon and coffee. Then headed to Freddy’s to get my flowers and our cake.

Noon. We started getting ready. Nail and make-up by yours truly. 😉

Afternoon. The ceremony.

Dinner. Wedding dinner at Jake’s Grill.

Wedding Day
Us on our stress-free wedding day. 🙂






Being silly at home before we went out for wedding date night.


Next is another set of paperworks to process. Yes! There’s still more!

Complete visa timeline here.


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