I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé

My boyfriend (now my husband) and I were in a relationship for almost 4 years before we decided to tie the knot. Given that he is an American and I am a Filipina, there’s a lot of paperworks involved to (1) be together in one country, (2) to get married. Doing paperworks is a pain for us both but we agreed that it was about time. We’ve waited long enough. 🙂

A quick background: we were in a long distance relationship and we only got to spend time together during our vacation time. Normally, 2-3 weeks time off from work every year. And that wasn’t easy but we both knew what we wanted. We were working in the same company, and same account (that’s where we met). Also, we got lucky many times, he got assigned to Cebu, so that means additional time together. 😉

Going back to the main agenda, I’ll share my K1 visa journey and hopefully it will help many readers that is about to or in the process of acquiring one.


I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)

Bt had to file this as he is the US Citizen. To check the official pre-requisites and requirements, you can find the form and the instructions from the USCIS website. There’s also another website that’s very helpful, she has a checklist and a step by step instructions available for you to use (Mrs. Presson’s website). All you need to do is read and follow.

I sent these documents  that Bt needs from me end of July 2014:

  • G-325A signed form
  • NSO Certified – Birth Certificate (ordered from eCensus)
  • NSO Certified – CENOMAR (ordered from eCensus)
  • 2×2 photos
  • Photos of us together
  • Letter of Intent to Marry

He sent the documents to USCIS August 16, 2014. And we got notification that they got our documents 4 days after (NOA1) with a receipt number. Ours had WAC as the first three characters.

Based on our research, approval of petitions take some time so we waited. We weren’t expecting that it will get approved as early as October of last year. We didn’t get our NOA2 in the mail as Bt moved to a new apartment in preparation of me moving in with him. Yes, he is that sweet. He wanted a nice place for both of us to live in. Our petition got approved the 7th of Oct. and we notified USCIS about the address change 2 days after we discovered that it was approved. We were happy and excited.

We got our NOA2 in the mail last Oct 27, 2014. So it was about time to move to the next phase. The actual visa application.


Complete visa timeline here.


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