SSN & State ID Application

These two are considered part of the most important things you need to accomplish when you are in the US. You need a SSN to get a job, collect benefits and get other government services. DMV is where you get your State ID card and/or driver’s license. You can process these 2 as soon as you get to the US but for me, I waited until I got married because I wanted to use my married name upon application. Didn’t want to do the status or name change process.

I believe I have shared my SSN application journey in one my blog posts. If you have not read it, you can find it here. I got my SSN in the mail 6 days after my application.



For State ID, I went to DMV just recently to process it, last March 30, 2015. When they were processing my application they can’t verify my immigration documents in SAVE system. So, I had to wait 10 days for them to issue my ID. If you want to know more about SAVE system, you can either visit the USCIS website or read Mrs Presson’s blog post about it.

Update as of 4.13.2015:

I called before I went to DMV and they told me to submit all my documents for review. I believe they weren’t able to verify my immigration status in the system as my I-94 is nearly expiring (less than 60 days). I guess I have to wait for my EAD/AP combo card before I’ll get my state ID processed.

Complete visa timeline here.


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