Day two entry, a small part of the apartment complex. I took this shot from one of the windows in our bedroom.  For this entry I wiIl nominate Expressing My Vission. I like the photos from this blog., are you up for the challenge? Hope so! Enjoy!!! 🙂 

Water & Orientation

Late afternoon walk a few weeks ago. Horizontally taken to see the sky, the grass and the trees. And so as my husband looking at the ducks in the water. Quiet afternoon, beautiful view. I like how the grass and the trees reflect to the water. What do you think of the photo?

Travel to SSA

Another set of paperwork!!! After acquiring the marriage cert last week, now it’s time to get a social security number. The husband is working and I’ve been here for more than a month so it’s about time to get used to their bus, max (this is their term for our MRT/LRT in Manila), and streetcars. … More Travel to SSA

A Walk To Remember

They say most “first times” are always hard to forget, do you believe in that? I guess, at some point we all do. Last Thursday was my first ever adventure since I got here. My first time to be out without Brian, hashtag Oregon adventure (#OregonAdventure). Let’s call it that way from now on. 😉 … More A Walk To Remember