If Only

If Only. This movie has always been one of my favorite romantic movies. It never failed to make my cry over and over again. I have seen this movie countless times. If you love someone, don’t wait for another day to appreciate them, to show them that you love them. Every day is our chance for … More If Only

Teaser: It Will Rain

Hello all! I couldn’t help but share. I couldn’t stop from listening to it over and over again. I couldn’t wait of what’s the finale. I just couldn’t. Haha! A few days ago, three of my talented cousins decided to exchange talents. I wasn’t there to witness the recording part. If I was? I would … More Teaser: It Will Rain

As It Seems

I finished watching season 7 finale of Criminal Minds a few minutes ago. Gosh! JJ’s wedding was very simple and romantic. Love. Love. Love. I liked it. And also the team’s last dance was so touching. It made me cry. I am in love with the song. “As It Seems” by Lily Kershaw. Well I … More As It Seems