Yesterday didn’t go as planned. I fell asleep early and woke up in the middle of the night. Then went back to sleep again in the morning. Little to no food for a day is not very me. Now that I am wide awake, time to treat myself out with delicious food and maybe a … More AA’s BBQ

Batou’s InstaWeek

With his new shirt.   Relaxing on my lap/tummy – bonding time.   Just finish shower.   Camera Moments   The hardest part of my day. Leaving him in a cage for I have to go and work.   We are having so much fun together at home. Missing robot love. Enjoy your weekend!

Playing Around

A weekend with my little brother, he’s 12. It’s his last year before becoming a teenager. He’s getting taller and taller and taller. Anyway, we were just playing games, eating, and just hanging out at home. It was a fun visit, he ate all of my sundaue. Hehe. GB, visit more often and we’ll have … More Playing Around


Here, there, everywhere. I guess, anywhere. Morning, noon, and night. I don’t think I’m light.   Everyday, But not all day. I exist, Even if you resist.   Happy? Some may be, But surely everyone will not be. Hurry up! Stay away. Before I will get in your way.   Posted from WordPress for Android

After Almost A Year

After almost a year we finally had our time together. I had an amazing time and I was very happy. I know many of you can understand how it feels like to be in a long distance relationship; being able to spend some time together is one of the most important things to look forward … More After Almost A Year