Paperworks Mailed!

Yay! We have completed all the necessary forms and requirements for status adjustment. We have not received any RFEs since we started filling paperworks so hopefully these sets will not be the first. 😉 Piece of advise, read the instructions carefully and fill out the forms correctly. And as for me and my husband, we … More Paperworks Mailed!

AOS Package Preparation

It’s about time to sort these documents and put them in a folder for AOS application. So much Paperwork! Cover letter here we go. Putting what I’ve learned in formal writing way back elementary/highschool days to good use. 😉 Ciao! Guenny Complete visa timeline here.  

Travel to SSA

Another set of paperwork!!! After acquiring the marriage cert last week, now it’s time to get a social security number. The husband is working and I’ve been here for more than a month so it’s about time to get used to their bus, max (this is their term for our MRT/LRT in Manila), and streetcars. … More Travel to SSA