Here, there, everywhere. I guess, anywhere. Morning, noon, and night. I don’t think I’m light.   Everyday, But not all day. I exist, Even if you resist.   Happy? Some may be, But surely everyone will not be. Hurry up! Stay away. Before I will get in your way.   Posted from WordPress for Android

If Only

If Only. This movie has always been one of my favorite romantic movies. It never failed to make my cry over and over again. I have seen this movie countless times. If you love someone, don’t wait for another day to appreciate them, to show them that you love them. Every day is our chance for … More If Only

Love. Forgiveness.

I think that those two people wanted to be together. I think that love, at the end of the day is stronger than some mistakes somebody made; something they did that they regret. I think that love will ask for forgiveness. I am. -Mr. President to Olivia Pope #scandal.season1