Triumph & Contrast

Success! Filipino food at its finest in this foreign land. :d Achieve na achieve! Lol. Thanks to the husband for bringing me here. For a moment it felt like home.  Back in PH, where I work, this is the place where me and my team eat lunch almost everyday. #chickenjoy #chesmes #chakas

Double & Rotation

Double bike racks just across Marshall Streetcar stop. Played with contrast, saturation and temperature settings to get this photo effect while having coffee at Starbucks Pioneer Square. My husband and I are waiting for our train. We are going to Seattle! 🙂 Anyway, what do you think of the photo?

Pop & Color: Driving By

Do you think the photo would look as radiant as it is without the tangerine car? Would love to hear what you think! 😉 *** Suggested panoramic crop from one of the comments below. It definitely gave a different look. Which one you like best?