After Almost A Year

After almost a year we finally had our time together. I had an amazing time and I was very happy. I know many of you can understand how it feels like to be in a long distance relationship; being able to spend some time together is one of the most important things to look forward … More After Almost A Year

Many To Mention

Hello all! How have you been? As for me, I was enjoying my time with my robot love – Bt. He was in the country and we have been busy since he arrived. I miss the blog world. I do. But being able to spend time with him was precious. I will share about our time … More Many To Mention

Treat for Papa

Spent my afternoon and dinner with Papa, of course Mama was there too. Papa will be leaving for work tomorrow. But before that… We were chillin’ at Bo’s Coffee shop the whole afternoon. Mom didn’t like her coffee. Her fave is the one from Coffee Bean. Hehe! Like Bt’s, next time Ma. I didn’t know … More Treat for Papa